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We are a human capital acquisition firm established by professionals from the business for the business. CareerWorks Indonesia has an excellent understanding of recruitment challenges that businesses experience today, mainly in the technology segment (e.g. executive interim management, IT administration, DevOps, Cyber Security), generally for the Banking, FinTech and Telco industries.

CareerWorks Indonesia

CareerWorks Indonesia is a young organization based in Jakarta with strategic partnerships in Europe. We employ proven international methodologies and quality standards to support your resource planning and supply the best candidates in the industry. CareerWorks Indonesia is the top-notch recruitment firm in Indonesia that offer reliable, competitive and trustworthy human capital acquisition services.

Vision & Mission

The Vision of CareerWorks Indonesia is to be your trusted partner, subject matter expert and advisor for affordable human capital acquisition services.

The Mission of CareerWorks Indonesia is to provide a seamless match between candidates and clients, by offering specialized and tailored recruitment services with no risk to the operational cash-flow of our client.

Contact information

Landline: +62 (0) 21 5086 2111
WA Business: +62 (0) 817 006 7771

Email: info@careerworks.id